Michael Ken
1 min readOct 28, 2019

One step, two steps,

Into the storm,

Into the darkness; away from the known,

Away from the light, farther from home,

Sunken in fear, completely alone.

Three steps, four steps,

Into the fray,

Into the depths; under the waves,

Under the pressure, sinking away,

Deeper and deeper, losing my way.

Five steps, six steps,

Into the kill,

Into the stillness; surrender my will,

Surrender desire, unable to feel,

Nothing to hope for, nothing to heal.

Seven steps, eight steps,

Out from the night,

Out of the horror; in spite of the fright,

In spite of the bleakness, inspired to fight,

Above the deep murk, glows a dim light.

Nine steps, ten steps,

Out from the snare,

Out of death’s clutches; swim up if you dare,

Swim with lungs burning, towards the sun’s glare,

Breaking the surface, gasping for air.



Michael Ken

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