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Year 2024 — Week Nineteen

Michael Ken
31 min readMay 14, 2024
Female Cardinal in Sims, North Carolina

May 6


The morning started, as it always did, with a cup of hot coffee. My wife and I were in good spirits, but we were also a little sad at the same time. After she got ready for work, I helped her load the car. She kissed me goodbye and then rode off into the sunrise.

After my wife left, I made a second cup of coffee and then sat down to write. By the time work began, I felt drained. The excitement of having my partner home was such a high crescendo that having her leave felt like a deep valley. I also felt exhausted right after she got home and right after she left. Such was life.

During my lunch break, I left to buy some groceries at the Piggly Wiggly in Bailey. When I arrived home, my wife texted me she had a prescription ready at the pharmacy in Bailey. I answered I would pick up on the following day. Ten minutes later, she texted back asking if I could pick it up today. I got in my car, drove back to Bailey and took care of the errand. I didn’t hear from my wife, but I didn’t need to. There was only one reason she would ask me to run this errand today. She was coming home.

About a half hour later, my wife told me there was a problem with her bed-and-breakfast. The toilet had backed up, and the owner contacted my…



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