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Michael Ken
26 min readFeb 28, 2024

Year 2024 — Week Eight

Tree Line in Sims, North Carolina

My personal journal about life in the woods.

February 19

It was a lazy and relaxed Monday morning. I was amazed at how different the day felt when I didn’t have to work. More proof, I thought to myself, that our mindset controls how we experience reality.

After some coffee, I put on warm clothes and grabbed my camera equipment. This morning, I drove to Lake Wilson to shoot photographs of the landscape and wildlife. Although the weather was cold, I had dressed for the occasion. Usually, I’m moving around the lake at a fast pace, but this morning, I sauntered, taking my time to examine the minor details of the scenes before me.

After shooting landscape photos for about an hour, I sat down on a small wooden bench to take a rest, placing my heavy backpack alongside me. The air was frosty, but the sun shone, warming my face as I closed my eyes and tilted my head toward it. Time off work felt good, but time at the lake was even better.

While sitting on the bench, a flock of Canadian geese approached, providing an airshow, their loud honks echoing off the bright water. They came in low, circled to face the wind and landed using their webbed feet like tiny waterskis, slowing them down until their bodies plopped into the water. Seeing a flock of geese land…



Michael Ken

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