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Year 2024 — Week Twenty-Two

Michael Ken
31 min readJun 12, 2024
Green Tree Frog in Sims, North Carolina

May 27

Going Places

The bright light on my wife’s alarm clock cut the night short. Half asleep, my brain couldn’t process if the birds chirping from the clock’s speaker were real or not. The alarm sounded just like home to me. Taking advantage of our Monday off, we stayed in bed a little longer, snuggling. Today, there were no hurries.

Even though the forecast called for clear skies, it rained last night. The patio furniture got soaked, so we propped up the pillows on their side to help them dry. After feeding the dogs, my wife and I sat down on the couch with our customary cup of coffee. The Nespresso machine still amazed us. I enjoyed a second cup of coffee with biscuits for breakfast.

We watched out the window that faced the pasture. There, for the first time with our own eyes, we saw the doe and her fawn that had appeared on the trail cameras. The fawn was tiny but looked healthy and spry.

The two deer grazed as they made their way across the pasture toward the trees. Then, they moved north toward our house, just outside the tree line in plain sight. We watched in delight as the small fawn suddenly started sprinting around the freshly mowed pasture. A few days ago, the fawn’s legs shook, trying to hold it up while…



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