Into The Woods Journal

Year 2024 — Week Twenty

Michael Ken
30 min readMay 22, 2024
Male Cardinal in Sims, NC

May 13

Hard Pass

As we climbed out of bed, I noted how rested I felt, while my wife told me her muscles were sore. Yesterday, she spent hours outside pressure washing the back of the house and pruning trees. We sipped coffee together, talking about how much we would miss each other. While I never wanted her to be sad, it felt good knowing I wasn’t alone. Misery loved company, as the saying went.

While my wife got ready for the morning, gathering everything she needed for the week, I edited photos on the computer. After, I grabbed some paper towels and went outside to wipe the condensation off her car mirrors and windows. The morning was humid, but still cool. When it was time for her to leave, I walked my wife outside, gave her a big kiss and an awkward hug, trying not to get dog hair on her. Leaving the house hair-free was a feat to be protected.

About five minutes after she drove off, my wife called me, telling me about another raptor experience she witnessed. A few weeks ago, she saw a large hawk carrying a mouse during her morning commute. This morning, she saw a hawk with something larger, probably a squirrel. She knew I appreciated these sightings, and I was happy knowing she was seeing amazing things in nature, too. When she arrived at work in…



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