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Choosing An Art Medium

Michael Ken
4 min readMar 25, 2019


While Vision provides us with an end goal and Creativity looks at unique ways to move towards that Vision, Method is the vehicle used to move forward along the path to mastery.

Once you have a Vision of what you want to accomplish and a sense of Creativity to express it, you need to select a method, a structured approach to guide you along the path of self-expression. Good art is found at the intersection of freedom and structure, two ideas many people place at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Freedom and structure are not enemies; not mutually exclusive. They complement each other and hold equal importance in mastering your art.

Oftentimes, the novice wants to emulate the masters right from the beginning. They try to copy the expert’s art without having walked the expert’s path. We should never be surprised when we fail to arrive at a destination if we are not taking the right steps in the proper direction. To study a master, we must study their entire journey and walk a similar path. Attempting to merely copy their art is futile. We must do the work; we must walk the path.

My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness.


Structure is an important part of expressing oneself. If artistic expression is a destination, then Method is the vehicle that will get you there. All human beings have an affinity towards self-expression. After our basic survival needs are met, we have an innate desire to be heard. Accordingly, we need to find our Method, our medium, for expression.

I knew, from a very young age, I needed to express myself. I was drawn to sketching and painting, but experienced one “minor” setback: I had zero talent for sketching or painting. I spent a lot of time writing as a child, and even so, it took several decades before I realized writing was “my thing”. Years later, I picked up a passion for photography. It was a great way for me to…



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