Putting The Muse To Work (Everyday)

10 Steps To More Creative & Disciplined Writing

Michael Ken


If you write on a schedule and your creativity is suffering, or if you have tons of great ideas but have trouble sitting down to write, then this article is for you.

I have good news:

A sound writing process can help you work daily while enhancing creativity. It can keep your ideas flowing while helping you meet your writing goals.

Many writers find it difficult to write on schedule because it can feel like you are trying to force inspiration. And writers who begin to work daily often feel their creativity start to wane. This can make writing sessions tough and even miserable.

I use a 10 step process that works wonders for my writing. It helps me develop ideas and stay on track while managing multiple writing projects. This system keeps me writing daily, feeling creative, and prevents writer’s block. It provides plenty of preparation, if not inspiration, before I ever have to sit down and write technically. In fact, by the time I sit down to write, I’m usually bursting at the seams with great ideas that I’m dying to get down on paper.

If your writing experience is less than this, I encourage you to explore this process. It was specifically designed to keep you writing consistently well, exploiting the creative process while methodically moving you towards a great final product.

1: Keep your writing ideas in a central location

Write It Down

Have you ever had a great idea that you failed to write down? I’ve lost many great writing opportunities this way. The idea always seems like it’s so great that there’s no way you’ll forget it, but then you do. Always write down your ideas.

Keep Your Ideas In One Place

Keep a notebook or electronic device handy so you can capture moments of inspiration. Have a single place where you store writing ideas. If you have to use a napkin or sheet of scrap paper, then fine, but make sure you transfer these ideas to your notebook as soon as you can.



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