The Beauty of Disruption

How Change Brings Happiness

Michael Ken


Texas summers are notoriously brutal. The daytime temperatures reach triple digits (Fº), and the air is so humid and thick that it can be difficult to breathe. Summer breezes feel like the air that rushes out when you open a hot oven, and the weather forces everyone and everything: adults, children, and pets to stay indoors where the air conditioners keep you comfortable and safe.

In late September or early October, the night temperatures start to drop. Suddenly the evenings are dipping into the 70s, 60s, and even 50s. When this starts to happen, you know the summer heat is on its way out. Fall has arrived.

Fall in Texas is beautiful. As it starts to cool, Texans transform from home dwellers to outdoor people, playing outside, camping, taking walks, enjoying picnics, etc. People want to be out and enjoy this time before winter arrives. Lately, I’ve been having morning coffee on the back porch, taking in the cool breeze and late sunrise, and it makes me feel happy and relaxed.

Positive Change

The current change in the Texas weather from summer to fall is something I have been looking forward to and something I have been able to enjoy daily over the past few weeks. I feel similar contentment when spring arrives with warmer temperatures that mark the end of the cold winter.

There are a lot of changes we look forward to experiencing. Maybe it’s a new job promotion, a specific season for an activity you enjoy, moving to a new place, or meeting someone special and starting a new relationship. These things create change in our lives but tend to be a shift we both desire and appreciate.

Acceleration and Deceleration

When driving at a constant speed, we don’t feel like we are moving. When we hit the brakes and slow down, we feel deceleration pulling us towards the dashboard, and when we hit the gas pedal, we feel acceleration pushing us back into our seats. However, once we are at a constant speed, these forces cease acting on our bodies, and we lose the physical sensation of movement.

Life is a lot like the sensations of being in a moving car. There are times when life seems to be moving at a constant speed, and we get lost in the flow of…



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